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Hero Du Jour SeriesA day in the life of series.
Black And Blue Monday Rain, an old building, and a bank robbery withhostages. 01/06/98
Some DaysSome days, you wish you had stayed in bed. 01/11/98
You Should Know Me Better Than That Simon jumps to the wrong conclusion and Jim quits over it. 01/14/98
Just An Ordinary Day Just what the title says. 01/19/98
The Definition Of Chutzpah Just what the title says, based on a real case. 01/19/98
What If... Jim reflects on life without Blair, while sitting in the hospital 01/28/98
One Weekend A camping adventure. 01/28/98
Winter Break Jim and Blair go the snow...with the expected results 02/07/98
A De-tec-a-tive, Trained In Observation Joel is caught by a building that blows up over him as he tries to disarm a bomb. 02/08/98
Anniversary Joel celebrates thirty years of marriage. Blair meets Cecilia and Mable is let in on the secret. 02/15/98
Winter BluesThe sun hasn't been seen for weeks and Joel tries to cheer everyone up. 03/02/98
Team BuildingMajor Crime is scheduled for a Team Building course, only to be dumped in the wilderness with only the contents of their pockets and Blair's ever present backpack. 03/07/98
Breakfast With Blair Blair introduces Jim to a new version of scrambled eggs, revealing just a bit about himself in the process. 03/09/98
I Could Have...Companion piece to 'What if...' from Blair's point of view. 03/16/98
Kaleidoscope Poker night at the Taggart's, Jim is treated to a gift, just because... 03/16/98
Class Act Mable goes back to college and enrolls in Anthro 101. Terrorists take over the class and Blair does what he does best, holds a lecture. 03/20/98
Courage Daryl Banks stands up for what's right. 03/20/98
The Road TakenBlair is sick and he's having this really strange dream... 04/12/98
Oops, Sorry About That Rafe nearly gets shot, in the locker room. (Based on a real incident.) 04/15/98
As Long As It Doesn't Happen On MY Shift There's a fire in Hargrove Hall, and Blair's office is flooded... (based on a real incident) 04/22/98
Earned Daryl wants to get his dad an expensive gift on his own. 05/22/98
Church Picnic Jim, Blair, Simon, and Daryl join the Taggart's at their church's annual community picnic.(Blair sings) 05/23/98
I'll See You In Court The continuation of Church Picnic, Blair is treated badly by the new assistant DA. 05/23/98
Reflections Upon Waiting In The Hospital Simon's point of view while waiting for both Jim and Blair to awake. Companion piece to 'What If...' and 'I Could Have...' 05/24/98
Team Building III The men of Major Crime finally get to the TeamBuilding Class, only to discover that it's a 'fear camp'. Blair talks them into challenging the final. (Team Building II is on the x-overs page) 05/24/98
In Memorium Jim invites Blair along on his usually solo Memorial Day Weekend trip. 05/23/98
Protective Instincts Jim can't help it when a child is accused of arobbery. 06/02/98
My Arm Bleeds For You Simon suddenly realizes just how much they'vecome to exploiting Blair and decides to do something about it. 06/02/98
Well, Whaddya Know? Rafe figures it out, and Jim decides to tellBrown, as well. 06/11/98
Class Clown More adventures in Anthro 101, Blair takes on some Jocks who want him to give them preferential treatment. 06/21/98
Qualifying Where Blair takes the tests to earn that coveted paycheck. 06/21/98
The Battlelines Have Been Drawn My take on why S2 happened. 06/24/98
Field Trip Two weeks after Blair gets out of the hospital (after the fountain), he goes on an archeological dig that Dr. W (from Breaking Ground) had been scheduled to lead. 07/14/98
Panic (or, Ohmygod He's Old Enough To Drive) Daryl gets his driver's license. 07/18/98
Froggy Came To VisitAnswer to the 'toad in the toidy' challenge. Blair freaks out upon finding a frog in the shower. 07/18/98
Remember When... Sequel to 'Panic', also the answer to the 'ageregression' challenge. The guys talk about when they got their driver's licenses. 07/24/98
Proceeding Almost As Planned Sequel to 'Field Trip'. Jim and Ronnie'scontinuing romance. AU. 08/13/98
I'm Gonna Be Like You, Man, You Know I'm Gonna Be Like YouBlair freaks out when one of his students emulates him. 08/13/98
Butt-Kicking 101 Rafe and Blair help a young woman who's quasi-date assaults her. (Based on a real incident) 08/13/98
Labor Day im, Blair, Ronnie, and Cecilia go to the California State Fair. 08/30/98
You Have No Right... Jim gets rather intense when faced by evidence of child abuse. 09/04/98
Side Trip Jim, Blair, and Simon are taking a few days off, but their work ethic interferes. Warnings of animal cruelty. (Based on a real incident.) 09/16/98
Rumor Mill SMALL WARNING Jim and Blair take on the rumors about them. (Sequel to 'It Could Happen To You' which is on the x-over page) 11/03/98
Did I Remember To Say Thank You?Rafe comes to an understanding aboutVeteran's Day. 11/10/98
Just One Of Those DaysBlair drives (alone) to Seattle for a seminar. Murphy's Law abounds. 11/20/98
With A Grateful Heart, Give ThanksThanksgiving day with the Black Wolf Clan and the folks from Major Crime and friends. 11/25/98
This Year Was Supposed To Be Different Beth Hlabse's Auction Story. In which Jim's plans for the Holiday Season go somewhat awry. Lots of h/c as well as angst. 12/21/98
Did You See That? CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT. A smarmfest, with a little bit of plot. Seriously smarmy. Heavy on the smarm, with smarm on the side, and more smarm for desert. What can I say? It was a slow day. 01/17/99
Brake Job Sentinel hearing can be wrong. 01/24/99
Homecoming Sometimes, you can go home again. 02/02/99
Baby-Sitting Jim, Blair, and Jim's niece. Carolyn owes Jim big time for this little favor. 02/15/99
Up In SmokeSimon's reflections on a nasty case and the rotten week it caused. 03/05/99
Regaining TrustIt's kind of an epilogue to Waiting Room, with some spoilers to Murder 101, as well. 03/05/99
Saint Patrick's Day A Saint Patrick's Day drabble. 03/21/99
Prepared (The Best Laid Plans Gang Aft Agly) SMALL WARNING FOR ANIMAL LOVERS! Jim, Blair, and Simon go fishing, only this time, they're least, they thinkthey're prepared. 4/26/99
Dietary Laws Missing scene for The Real Deal 05/23/99
The Sentinel, by Blair Sandburg Just what the title says, The Sentinel, ByBlair Sandburg - Epilogue 05/23/99
Never Is Only A Word Blair has one more thing to give up for his sentinel - A post TS by BS story. 07/01/99
Taking LeaveSMALL WARNING FOR ANIMAL LOVERS!The rules have changed and suddenly, Jim is faced with having acrued too much annual leave, which he must usebefore the end of the year. With his partner at theacademy, he doesn't have any idea of what to do,until Simon makes a suggestion. 09/26/99
Putting Out The Fire Blair has to testify after being a good samaritan. 09/27/99
Heatwave A heat wave in Cascade, without air conditioning. Warning: There are appearances by Mable, Cecilia, and Ronnie, if you don't like them, skip this one. 09/29/99
Dumb Luck It's Halloween at the Loftand a late trick-or-treater ends up tricked, andsociety ends up with a lucky treat. 10/31/99
King of the MountainCamping trip goes awry, as usual. Originally published in Beyond the Veil 1 Fall 1999
Button, Button, Who's Got The Friggin' Button! For Cascade Times, a practical joke doesn't go quite as planned, and the usual suspects had absolutelynothing to do with it. 11/05/99
Justice Please, be responsible and don't drink anddrive, or allow anyone you're with to do so, either. 11/05/99
Never Give Up Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 506 - 11/15/99
The smell of C4...a timer counting down...the click as the detonator is activated. All the Sentinel has time to shout is a quick warning. BOMB!
Lemonade Torrential rains and floodingbring something surprising into the life of JimEllison. 12/15/99
'Tis The Season Jim has to do his Christmas shopping, andlike most men, has no idea what to get for theimportant people in his life. Remembering thestrange, seemingly omniscient old Chinese man he'd purchased a giftfrom once before, he discovers one-stop shopping, andthe results thereof. 12/15/99
One Of Our Own dealing with loss... 12/15/99
Ride-Along Saddled with an unwanted observer, things are not quite what they seem. 01/06/00
Runner's High Unlike the Darwin Award Candidate, Jim does not zone on running... 01/06/00
'Twas The Lights Before ChristmasA peaceful Christmas Eve. Warning, OFCs are present, introducing: Mable's sister. 01/06/00
If A Tree Falls... Campers lost in the woods in the rain. Search and Rescue call for help from anyone available and Simon sends Jim and Blair out to help. The answer to the age-old question, 'If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?' 01/06/00
Full Circle CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT.Now that cloning is a reality, what's to stop the government from gene-splicing to create the perfect soldier? But, how do you find the gene that creates loyalty? (Science Fiction AU.) TAE'S 100TH STORY!!!! 01/06/00
Pardon Me Reb'Blair Just what does 'the way of the Shaman' mean? For once, Jim just may have the answer. 01/06/00
Blessed Protector Just a little h/c. Blair owies, but nothing really major. And Jim had absolutely nothing to do with it! 01/06/00
Hello, It's Me, Blair It's illegal to make obscene phonecalls, but the problem is catching them. 01/12/00
It's Her Again, Blair Sequel to 'It's Me, Again, Blair', it continues with MS Edwards' release on bail... 02/05/00
Hell Week Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 510 - 01/18/00
The holidays are over and crime is getting back to normal. Jim and Blair are faced with a week of long workdays and sleepless nights as they work their way through half a dozen unrelated crimes. Crimes that focus onto the down to brass tacks drudgery that can be police work.
Grace NotesA somewhat different view of Grace Ellison and what happened and why she left. 01/18/00
Sometimes, Your Best Just Isn't Good Enough... And Sometimes, It's More Than Enough Just a little warm fuzzy thing where the crew from Major Crime go out to dinner and, due to circumstances beyond their control, decide to find a new restaurant for future celebrations. 02/05/00
How Dumb Can You Get? It's poker night at the Taggart's and the evening winds down with some of the more outlandish escapadesour favorite cops have had. WARNING: OFC ALERT, if you don't like them, don't read this. 02/05/00
Granny A simple faxgets delayed, leading to an embarrassing situation forMegan. 02/18/00
Cookie Overload Girl Scout Cookies...who can resistthem? 03/11/00
Valentine's Day-Jimthe original version... 03/11/00
Listening With The SoulIntrospectionafter an argument. (Part of The Sentinel Lyric Wheel.) 07/15/00
Sideshow Freak Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 603 - 10/30/00
Blair is quite pleased when Jim agrees to a trip to a small visiting Russian circus. Simon, Daryl, and Megan join in the fun, only to arrive at the fairgrounds to a grizzly murder and a missing trained bear.
Talent Show Black Panther Productions 'Cascade Virtual Tales' episode number 605 -12/17/00
When the members of Major Crime get tagged for their turn as the PD's 'Martyrs for Charity' at the annual 'Cascade for Charity Night' they have barely four weeks to come up with something to entertain the crowd. Four weeks which include a series of bomb threats and arsons directed at minority owned businesses, which began when the new Captain of the Bomb Squad arrived.
It's About Friendship A smarm request for Carole's birthday. 02/05/01
You Call This A Chase Scene?Blair gets to drive Jim's truck while chasing a stolen car...heh,heh, heh. 02/05/01
Chance CallReality bites? no, uh, 'Taking a latecall brings Jim and Blair into an interesting situation'...based on a real case (and the cop it happened to told it to me...heh) 02/26/01
Recurring Nightmare/Recurring DreamsCecilia Taggart is having a birthday and her father comes up with a most unusual gift for her...Blair. OFC WARNING! This is a part of the continuing series of stories with Jim and Blair with girlfriends, if youdon't like that idea, don't tell me about it, this story isn't for you, it's for those who've been askingfor more of this particular line. 08/08/01
Chatfics A collection of short stories written in a chatroom. 01/04/02
The Shirt Part of Lila Kulp's 'TheSweatshirt' series. 01/04/02
It Runs in the FamilyJim has to hand over a kidnapping case to Joel and Megan because he can't remain impartial. The victim is his father, William. 05/20/02
Like That SongA story based on an old Harry Chapin song. 03/04/04 (Rated G)
Comparing NotesDon't try to fit this into a time line for any of the shows because it won't work. Just think if it as a "what if?" story where the two Captains, one Lieutenant and one General talk about their favorite and most troublesome teams. Written with JenR and AnneACK. (Note: This story is hosted at A Stopping Place, JenR's fanfic site. You will be going to another site for this story.) KF/TS/ DS / SG-1
Vroom, VroomA bit of stress relief/insanity. An old chatfic I recently rediscovered Posted 03/15/05 (Rated G)


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