You know, I kind of miss doing chat fics....maybe this week, musae willing. This one's an old one, forgotten, it would seem. Going through files on my jump drive, it's probably a couple of years old, judging from some of the chatroom participants. Blame it on Queen Lila, wielder of the pointy stick of inspiration.



qlht2: "Vroom, vroom, vroom," Blair made car sounds as he rolled the small truck across the desk.

qlht2: Go for it TAE

danawheels2005: Another chat fic, Lila???

qlht2: that's a starting sentence for TAE

tae1906: sigh.
qlht2: :-D
AnneACK: Please TAE?
qlht2: <insert maniacal laughter here>
qlht2: <followed by evil chuckle here>
danawheels2005: ROFL!
qlht2: ];-D

tae1906: Joel snickered, as Simon frowned. The meeting had been going on for more than an hour, and it should have come as no surprise that some people were getting bored.

Jim rolled his eyes and smirked while Blair glanced up at him and winked.

"Sandburg, where did you get that?"

"Get what, Simon?" Blair asked innocently as he palmed his toy and tried to sneak it back into his pocket.

"Sandburg," the captain growled, trying manfully to not laugh.

"Simon?" Blair lifted the most innocent eyes in existence to the looming captain's face.

Simon snorted.

Then, Simon squeaked as he tried to control himself.

Turning his eyes to the other members of his unit, he met curious stares.

All except one.

That one, big brown eyes, crossed. And Joel was also sticking out his tongue at him.

He lost control.

He snickered.

He chuckled.

He howled until tears ran down his face.

The dam had broken, and the tension had permanently shattered.

Sergeant Williams frowned as he passed the conference room. He knew that Major Crime was in there. Word was that the Mayor had come down on the Chief of Police, who had in turn come down on all the captains. And, every captain in the department was, in traditional fashion, sharing their pain. But that didn't sound like pain inside that closed conference room.

That sounded like laughter.

Boisterous laughter.

Maybe even hysterical Laughter.

He didn't turn away when the door opened and the laughing members of Major Crime started filing out.

There were tears of laughter on their faces.

Williams wasn't sure what had gone on in there, but he sure envied them. His own meeting with his captain had been long and excruciatingly painful. .
Blair, the last to leave except for the captain himself, paused when Simon softly spoke his name.

"Sir?" Blair asked brightly as he turned back.

"Thanks," Simon grinned.

Blair's beatific smile graced his face. "Any time, Simon."

"Now, get back to work. Find me this creep who's posing as one of us and drag him kicking and screaming back here, understand?"

Blair, having been practicing for this for weeks, snapped to attention, saluted smartly, and responded. "Sir, yes sir!" he barked smartly.

Jim, who had been waiting for his partner, nearly choked on his laughter.

Simon, who had just clipped a fresh cigar, almost broke it as he again began to laugh. "Get out of here, Sandburg. And take your partner with you."

"Sure, Simon. We'll get right on it."

Simon couldn't wipe the grin off his face as he watched two of his favorite people jostling each other as they teased their way down the hall.

Shaking his head, he headed back to his office. Opening the door, he stopped. There, in the middle of his desk, were some things he knew good and well hadn't been there when he last left.

Glancing around the bullpen and seeing that no one was watching, he closed the door and circled behind his desk. Sitting down, he picked up one of the objects. Glancing up to see if anyone was watching, he grinned in delight and pushed one of the toys. It rolled easily across his desk blotter. Picking up a second one and taking a good look at them, he chuckled.

There were four of them. A old blue and white pickup, a new dark blue pickup, and a dark blue SUV. There was also a silver sedan with some body damage and a missing door.

With one last glance out the windows into the bullpen, he took two of the vehicles and, from opposite ends of his desk, sent them careening towards each other.

"Vroom, vroom!" he softly said, followed by "screech" and the satisfying sound of the two vehicles crashing into each other.


Joel grinned to himself and put his new digital camcorder away. He wondered if he should tell Simon that Blair had nothing to do with what the captain had found on his desk?

Nah, let Blair take the credit. He had his extortion material....

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