Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

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Lost TimeMaster hacker Kermit Griffin is set up by an IM 'buddy' to take the fall on a hacking charge. (07/08/02)
FunkKermit has a bad day, interrupted by a damsel in distress. (06/20/02)
It Could Happen To YouJim and Blair are saved from being 'recruited'by a government lab and then return the favor by taking down the lab, with the aid of the rest of Major Crime and Blair's dad's friends. 10/13/98

Family Matters

Control is mistaken for his brother Paul, and observes something amiss, but is he the one who should actively pursue it? (06/22/02) Coauthored with AnneACK
Exchanging FavorsTaking place over several years, Paul and Control exchange favors. (06/22/02)
Lost TimeMaster hacker Kermit Griffin is set up by an IM 'buddy' to take the fall on a hacking charge. (05/31/02) (KF:TLC/UFO)
Officer DownKermit's invited to the Blaisdell's for dinner, but doesn't want to go. To what lengths will he go to avoid it, and why? <snicker> (08/03/03)
Rewards of IntegrityPrimarily a Kermit story, a continuation of Funk (11/22/03)
Comparing NotesDon't try to fit this into a time line for any of the shows because it won't work. Just think if it as a "what if?" story where the two Captains, one Lieutenant and one General talk about their favorite and most troublesome teams. Written with JenR and AnneACK. (Note: This story is hosted at A Stopping Place, JenR's fanfic site. You will be going to another site for this story.) KF/TS/DS/SG-1
Seeking Absolution 134 KSummary: Why Paul left, what he did while gone, and what happened when he came home. (08/04/04) (Rated R)
Dragon at the Gate 186 KSummary: The third installment of the story arc begun with Funk and continued in Rewards of Integrity. Kermit and Isabel's continuing romance. (03/02/05) LF/KF:TLC (Rated R)


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