Due South

Please note: Some stories may labelled NC-17 and are password protected.
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Raison D'ÊtreA dark story explaining why Vecchio needed someone to cover for him. R 02/14/98
Reading Between the Lines Fraser and a female friend help Ray K with some problems. PG
It's Not Easy, Being Ray The title says it all. . . PG
Guilt TripAfter Fraser is shot Ray K, Welsh and Fraser are feeling guilty. G
Audit Welsh is auditedG
Ray's on FirstWhy was it nessassary for someone to be undercover as Vecchio?G
War StoryKowalski tells story from his days as a uniformed officerPG-13
Kickin' His ShadowStream of Conscious story... after COTWPG
If You Want My Advice. . . First person POV (Kowalski) set after COTW.PG
Kicking at ShadowsKowalski feels he is not doing a good job being a good Ray VecchioPG
Jumping at ShadowsKowalski thinks an ex-con is out to get himPG
And a Long Forgotten, Lonely Cairn of StoneA prequel to 'Ray's on First'.PG-13

Why Didn't You Believe Me?
Part1   Part2

An accident brings back memories from Ray K's childhood.   (Note: this story has non-graphic mentions of child molestation) PG-13

Rise Again

A sequel to "Why Didn't You Believe Me?"  A look at Welsh's past.PG


Kowalski's adventures taking care of Diefenbaker when Fraser has to go to Ottawa with Thatcher PG - 13
BackupRay Vecchio blows off Kowalski's request to back him up when he goes to meet a snitch. PG - 13
Did You Know?A Turnbull storyPG
It Happend Like This . . .Not gonna spoil it for ya. Just read it. PG
All I Ever Wanted Was A CuddleThe usual suspects, with a twist. (Rated NC-17 - This story will require password access. Please contact webgoddess@ljsmith.ca for access. An age statement will be required.)
Comparing NotesDon't try to fit this into a time line for any of the shows because it won't work. Just think if it as a "what if?" story where the two Captains, one Lieutenant and one General talk about their favorite and most troublesome teams. Written with JenR and AnneACK. KF/TS/DS/SG-1


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