Hero Du Jour-Brown 16.1K Caught in traffic, Brown rescues some accident victims. 04/10/98
Hero Du Jour-Rafe 19.8K Discovering that one of his classmates is being stalked, Rafe tries to help. 04/12/98
Hero Du Jour-Jim And Blair 12.8K Blair fits the profile, but does he really belong in a psych ward? 04/22/98
Hero Du Jour-Jim And Simon 15.6K At the County Fair with Daryl and Blair, Jim and Simon prevent a disaster. 05/20/98
Hero Du Jour-Joel 9.0K Caught in traffic, Joel sees a troubled young woman contemplating jumping from the bridge. 05/20/98
Hero Du Jour-Simon 9.4K All alone on a fishing trip, just soaking up the peace and quiet, Simon is interrupted by a jetski accident. 05/20/98
Hero Du Jour-Blair 12.3K Blair discovers a hostage situation in the library, what should he do? Run? Or can he do anything ly 05/20/98
Hero Du Jour-Jim 20.6K After an argument with Blair, Jim takes a long walk along the beach, only to discover a pair of missing children on a home-made raft. 06/02/98
Hero Du Jour-Simon And Blair 19.5K On the prowl for Jim's birthday present, Blair and Simon interrupt a robbery in progress. 06/11/98
Hero Du Jour-Joel And Megan 20.6K Joel is helping Megan out when there's a major accident and they do what they can to help. 07/10/98
Hero Du Jour-Major Crime-The Halloween Party 52.3K In charge of the community Halloween Party, the gang from Major Crime discovers the rewards for a good deed.10/19/98
Hero Du Jour-Major Crime-The Race
with Danawheels 41.5K
Primarily a Mable piece, so those who don't like her can skip this one. Mable enters a 10K race and is told she needs an 'attendant', much to her annoyance. Joel volunteers to ask his coworkers for a volunteer to accompany her, with the predictable results. 04/15/99
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