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Extradition 110.1K Contains Adult Content Jim has been kidnapped and Blair receives help from some unlikely visitors from Chicago (TS/DS) 02/13/98
All Things Being Equal 51.8K A mission goes wrong in Peru. (TS/TE) 02/28/98
Seminar 152.4K Contains Adult Content Jim and Blair go to a seminar on police procedures in Chicago, with some unexpected results. They stop in to see Ben Fraser and Ray Vecchio, only, Ray isn't Ray, any more. (TS/DS) 03/02/98
Gone 49.6K There was a landslide and Jim is missing, presumed dead. Blair calls for help. (TS/DS) 05/23/98
Equality 84.7K Where the favor from 'All Things Being Equal' is returned. (TS/TE) 03/22/98
Equal To The Task 71.7K Control digs a little and discovers some interesting facts. (TS/TE) 04/12/98
Doppelganger? 84.3K Jim, Blair and Cassie at a seminar in Los Angeles, where they meet up with a man who could be Jim's twin brother. (TS/OWW) 04/20/98
Team Building II 46.0K The guys from Major Crime are sent on another(bonifide, this time), their bad luck continues when their planecrashes. Guest appearance by Methos. (TS/HL) 05/03/98
Double Trouble 80.8K Jim and Blair have left for a weekend of fishing, only Jim has been found at a war between drug gangs, nearly dead, with no sign of Blair or his truck. (TS/OWW) 05/03/98
A Letter 8.4K Blair writes a letter to his father. (TS/TE) 05/22/98
Time For Living 26.2K Blair's father decides that it's time to do something for himself...and his son. (TS/TE) 05/23/98
Reconnection 30.2K Blair meets up with his half-brother, only to discover that he's a sentinel... (TS/TE) 05/23/98
Double Or Nothing 62.3K Jim and Blair return to Chicago to testify in one of the cases they helped with, only to meet Mack Wolfe on the plane, who's on his way to Chicago to pick up a prisoner for extradition to Hawaii. (TS/OWW/DS) 08/07/98
Reunion 50.5K Jim and Blair go to their family reunion. (TS/OWW/TE) 08/28/98
It Could Happen To You 139.0K Jim and Blair are saved from being 'recruited'by a government lab and then return the favor by taking down the lab, with the aid of the rest of Major Crime and Blair's dad's friends. (TS/KF/TE) 10/13/98
Family Ties 98.9K Remember the show, Hunter? It's in syndication, now. Ever notice how much Hunter reminds you of a certain Cascade Cop? You don't suppose they could be related, do you?(TS/H) 01/06/00
Heroes 99.3K Every city needs heroes. They're needed even more now, than ever before. Sometimes, they even come from out of the past, justbecause they're still needed. (TS/GAH) 04/21/01
It's All Relative 67.2K Simon decides to never, ever, send Jim toanother seminar, not no way, not no how. One of himis generally more than enough. *snicker* (TS/H/D) 04/21/01
You Could Have Said Something... 17.4K Part of the latest Lyric Wheel, theme: Crossovers...This is actually the ending of what should be a much longer story. (TS/GAH/DS) 06/22/01
Observations: You Could Have Said Something... 104.4K And now, the rest of the story - the completed lyric fic. (TS/GAH/DS) 07/10/01
Assignment: Sandburg 38.2K This is a 'chatfic', created and done online in achat. (TS/ST:TOS) 07/10/01
Lost Time 76 KMaster hacker Kermit Griffin is set up by an IM 'buddy' to take the fall on a hacking charge. (05/31/02) (KF:TLC/UFO)
Family Matters 96 KControl is mistaken for his brother Paul, and observes something amiss, but is he the one who should actively pursue it? (06/22/02)Coauthored with AnneACK
Exchanging Favors 68 KTaking place over several years, Paul and Control exchange favors. (06/22/02)
Comparing Notes (25K)Don't try to fit this into a time line for any of the shows because it won't work. Just think if it as a "what if?" story where the two Captains, one Lieutenant and one General talk about their favorite and most troublesome teams. Written with JenR and AnneACK. KF/TS/ DS / SG-1
Seeking Absolution (134 K)Summary: Why Paul left, what he did while gone, and what happened when he came home. (08/04/04) (Rated R) KF/LF/TE
Finding Home (87 K)When Gary Seven decided to stay on earth, he had certain expectations, which sadly, never materialized. Finally, burned out and discouraged, his 'masters' send someone to help, but the results aren't quite what they expected. (01/30/05) (Rated R) LF/ST: TOS
Fulfilling Needs (149 K) Control. Despite rumors to the contrary, he really is only human, and with all the foibles and needs of any man. Particularly, lonely men. (02/03/05) (Rated NC-17) LF/TE
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